I am an artist based in Durham in the North East of England. I specialise mainly in pen and inks of landscapes and architecture. The North East of England is full of inspiration and much of my work features its well-known landmarks.

My drawings are created with a mixture of black permanent and coloured water soluble ink. My early work was entirely in black and white and my collectors requested some colour so I obliged. Both approaches remain popular.

A great deal of patience is required to produce the fine detail as I use such a fine pen. However, I enjoy the tranquillity it brings and find it therapeutic to while away the hours working on trees or water. It calms and relaxes me after an action-packed day with my daughters Nina and Zara.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my work and find something you like. If you have any questions, feedback or you'd like to commission a bespoke piece, please get in touch.